Adaptive Music

About Claynote

Claynote makes music listen to you..

We consider game music to be art, and we'll do anything to get the best out of it. Our expertise is adaptive music: making a soundtrack malleable to meaningful parameters.
Besides adaptive music composition/design/consultancy, we also create 'regular' music and sound effects for your games, art installations and other types of media.

Claynote is run by Rik Nieuwdorp; composer, sound designer, adaptive music guru and one half of new game studio Gebauhaus. Sharing ideas, collaborating and communicating openly are very much part of Claynote's nature, so please don't be afraid to send an email if you have questions about (adaptive) music, game audio, sound effects or how Claynote can help you improve your games.
Claynote was founded early 2009 by Rik Nieuwdorp and Jakko ter Borg, following a fruitful collaboration researching and designing adaptive music systems at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) since 2005.

Claynote is located in the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht, right in the middle of the Netherlands.